this must be the sunks

by theRCSN

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released April 20, 1969



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theRCSN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: y haze
people running out in the garden. people making noise upstairs. calling in to work cause i'm walking. either way, i still end up there. i don't sleep too well. i don't sleep anymore. you want to shake my motherfucking hand? give me a second. can i come close and throw stones at your window? throw stones at your window. but it's in the sunks. what have i done? i don't sleep too well. i don't sleep anymore.
Track Name: kiss me on the bus
stepping inside here. recall the smell of pine. bumming a cigarette from one of your friends i just met. making a dumb joke. kiss me on the bus. send me back in the. and the door i broke at my birthday show might prove no. i was almost. none of your posters are hung up well and all of my posters are for sale. oh, and the call i made to another state was for pocket change. that i can save. this is something else.
Track Name: broad st. interlude
and i am getting fucked up dreams. and things are exactly how they seem. the same reason that i get sick every time i walk on the east side of broad street. i know where your friends are from. and i know where they have their fun. and i hope you are all okay because soon enough you won't think that way. and the bus is late again. and i made me a new friend who likes talking too much, when will it ever just be enough again? the same reason that i get sick every time i walk on the east side of broad street.
Track Name: awkward tune
i own a part of you. spit me an awkward tune. gracious and generous and all of that kind of shit. part of me wants to cry. part of me doesn't care to know why. and if it's a problem, okay. heat makes it hard to sleep. make me a promise you can keep: whenever you're walking home alone, that's me.
Track Name: i never really liked the beach
i'm casing a closed door. waiting for, cigarette in hand. thirty five hour drive should have killed me. i never really liked the beach. i'm throwing up my guts out. spare time is killing me. i'm pacing through my basement drunk remembering what things smelled like. i never really liked the beach. i never really liked to speak.
Track Name: paeter
will you pull back and see this? at least i kept a list or more. what's seven more than nothing. what's keeping me around the door. i'm not settling i'm sold short. i'm gonna miss this place. i'm not settling i'm so sure. i run around this city and still i end up getting lost. hey, another cigarette i put out on the carpet. i'm not settling i'm so sure. i'm gonna miss this place.
Track Name: bad wave
what can the pacific possibly do for me? i did let this get to my head. it happens and in threes. i float through every day until it's finally over. i am still me i think so. but only halfway. oh it's just a nice part of me. there it goes.
Track Name: the blackest night
casey why don't you call out? then we we can take the car outside. long drive. sleeping inside the black night. the blackest night. why don't you let me take you out? stationed images burn my eyes. calling in sick to die. now i have to throw the trash away. so good to be back. why don't you let me let go?
Track Name: spring is coming heavy
i don't want to look for things to do. i just want to lie in bed and think with you. maybe cause i stayed up late i will not bend in place. i still want to be afraid to you. i got something good in april and something good in july. i can't lie. spring is coming heavy enough. let's put on something nice and go see something new. take me in a minute. hold my arm and we walk. make me kind of weakened. kind of like i might be dumb. i can't lie. spring is coming heavy enough.
Track Name: corner store projections
corner store projects something happens next. sick of in my room. wish that you were too. thanks for coming by. happy i could die. pay respects to winter and then forget it. i don't wanna clean up. i just want to sleep. but even that's not getting me back.