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released April 20, 1969



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theRCSN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: it's a shame
i've got bags under my eyes like a school kid would but i never went to college even though i should. and i've never done a favor for anyone else that hasn't got me things i couldn't get myself. it's a shame. and the sun is coming up so i guess winter must be over but i haven't left my bed since the middle of october. and every single poster that fell off my wall in spring just needs a little tape but i need everything. it's a shame. and the only place that i feel safe is when i go to work and i fucking hate that place. but when i am alone or inside my room i find a million empty thoughts and a million things to do but i don't do it. it's a shame.
Track Name: the fire
jump back in the fire. i'm always lit up but i'm never wired. just look at your feet. you're all incomplete. sell your clothes for some new clothes. i'm always lying but i'm on my toes. just look at your hands. you're all in command. if that's how it goes i don't wanna know.
Track Name: no direction home
no direction home. sick to the bone. he offers a ride but you don't know his name. but you will. oh at least you came by. slick in the lie. cast in a dream where you always die. you slip me a pill to keep myself ill. quiet and always up a hill. dave cut the cord and help me inform myself of the storm that moves in every other day.
Track Name: don't be afraid
what's in the bag? don't think you need that. we went to the bar. it was cool. but that's what we always do. and if you can reach the part of the week where you can't speak anymore i told you'd carry you. don't be afraid. we're getting you home in a perilous way. taking a hit. trying to sit down on your co workers couch. and then we went for a smoke on the stoop. you wanted to leave. i wanted to leave with you. you were a ghost at one or two. in the morning you won't want to stay. don't be afraid. we're getting you home in a perilous way.
Track Name: smokers
do you think that smokers are generally attracted to other smokers? i do. i liked you even though you tried to quit twice. do you think that maybe when you are older you will remember a certain week in miami? i don't. i'd like to believe that melancholy does not describe me. but oh, what a truth. it's a focus group for freaks. and my VHS dreams of bursting inseams are coming true. do i sleep like my father? one hand in hell, fingers on the collar. i do. you do it too. inside the glue that holds this shit together, it won't last forever.
Track Name: stable boy
do you want to see me when i'm most defeated? there's a million other people you would rather be with. oh the infinite wait. please don't get it in your head. you won't. but all i really need is a mouth that doesn't bite the hand that feeds. do you want to see a fucking desperado? do you want to eat some shit that's hard to swallow? oh the light was left on. i'm afraid of having to be me every day. a letter that came for me. the joy that makes me want to cave in my own fucking teeth. but i am only seventeen in my head so i won't cool out.
Track Name: brothers
when i tell you that i'm gonna die i just think you should know i've got some things to do before i go. when i've come to a resignation i wanna go like the older allman brother. and i'm bummed that i never had one so i take another. i wanna go in california cause i'm inclined to hate the west coast. won't go snuffed out in a gutter. won't go if you raise a toast. so when i tell you that i'm gonna die don't be sad, cause you will too. and when i tell you that i love you brother, you should know it's true.